Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Habs Hold Edge Over Bruins In Games Seven

The Montreal Canadiens, with a 4-0 victory over the Boston Bruins forced a deciding game seven in their current NHL playoff round. Game seven; get used to hearing that little phrase because it will be everywhere over the next 36 hours or so. 

The Canadiens and Bruins are no strangers to seventh game match-ups, having met in eight over the years. The Habs hold a five to three advantage over the Bruins in games seven. Yep, games seven is how I believe the plural should be put. Much like Governors General and Courts Martial, it is the number of games that is pluralized, not its place in the series. 

Carl Lavigne via @Dave_Stubbs

However if the only linguistic bugaboo we encounter during the next couple of days is the proper way to refer to more than one last game of a seven game series, we’ll be doing just fine. My heart goes out to all those sports journalists charged with getting an insight into the players’ take on Wednesday’s deciding game. At a time when teams are incredibly protective of the state of affairs in their dressing-rooms, referring to players’ injuries simply as either upper or lower body, sparing all details, reporters are usually stuck with clichĂ© answers to their questions.

If a specific incident from a past game is queried that gives the player a bit of grist, but God forbid the question is about the upcoming Game Seven! So to save you time, just assume that the answers to any upcoming Game Seven questions will come from this list:

  • They are always tough at home
  • There’s no tomorrow
  • We have to play a full sixty minutes
  • We have to leave it all out there
  • Win or go home
  • We have to stay within ourselves
  • We have to bring the game to them
  • We must play our game

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